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JD&C Services head office is based out of Hinton, AB and services the Hinton, Edson, Grande Cache, Jasper, and Fox Creek areas.

JD&C Services has grown and adapted to meet the needs of its clients with a team of highly skilled individuals. We strive to perform our jobs in an efficient, safe, and environmentally responsible manner while simultaneously exceeding the expectations of our customers. JD&C Services offers fluid hauling, fluid/chemical sales, portable filter units for lease, portable pumps for lease, field supervision, hot shots to remote sites, potable water sales and delivery, and potable water storage.
JD&C Services is a local leader in fluid hauling and tank truck operations.
JD&C Services offers 6, 7, and 8 axle tanker units, tri-drive body jobs, and tandem-drive body jobs. JD&C Services tanker units can handle all oil & gas fluid hauling needs, hauling any fluid necessary.

JD&C Services offers road watering, pipeline watering/de-watering, and clean water for fire watch and standby. Additionally, JD&C Services offers potable water hauling for residential, commerical, and industrial clients.
JD&C Services offers potable water hauling to service locations, plants, and residential needs.
JD&C Services offers potable water tank truck services for industrial, commercial, and residential clients. All of JD&C Services' potable water trucks are fully certified by Alberta Health Services to ensure our clients have the highest quality water. To ensure our water is of top quality, JD&C Services runs monthly testing samples on our trucks.

Both tridem and tandem potable water trucks are offered by JD&C Services.
JD&C Services offers portable potable water sheds to service customer sites that need a constant supply of potable water, but don't their own storage needs.
Portable watersheds are available for rent to store large volumes of potable water. Watersheds are equipped with insulated walls, heaters, pumps, and camlock connections for easy access.

Fire supressions packs for the watersheds can also be rented out.
JD&C Services offers filtration units for lease on location.
JD&C Services offers portable filter units for delivery and lease. Micron filters are available ranging from five micron to four hundred.

JD&C Services filter units have the ability to be enclosed for winter and cold weather operations.
JD&C Services offers portable water pumps to assist with filtering or transferring/pumping fluids. Hose and fitting rentals are also available.
JD&C Services offers towable/portable 4" water pumps for delivery and lease. Additionally, layflat and suction hoses of various lengths can be rented with or without our pumps.
JD&C Services offers various KCL solutions for fracking needs within the Hinton, Edson, Fox Creek, Grande Cache, and Drayton Valley areas
JD&C Services sells methanol, calcium chloride, 20% KCL, various temperatures of hot water, cold water, kill fluid, and clay stabilizer.